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We at iCOSS aims at providing a large variety of technological related services to our customers. To help you through the list of services provided by us we have complied below a list of questions that may arise in your minds regarding both us as a company as well as the services that we provide. For your easy we have categorized the answers in accordance to the services that we provide.

Stop Loosing Your important Data

Backup Your Files to Avoid Costly Data Recovery Each year, many individuals and lose important files as a result of hard drive failure.

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The Best Firewall For Home & Business

The Best Firewall For Home & Business Users. We’ve Tested & Compared The Firewall in United States & Canada.

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Methods Of Verifying Problems By Our Experts Over The Phone

So What Are The Methods Of Verifying Problems? We have the best Team Only a Call/Chat/Email away from you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will my service cost me?

We will always offer you a fixed price for the service, for example if you wants to setup any new device or wants any setting change. In the event we guide you over the phone/email/chat first we charge $49.99 as a one time charge which is waived if you go ahead for any service or purchase a new product from us. We don’t want you to have any nasty surprises; we want you to know exactly what are the charges for the service or new product.

Is icoss a good company, is it legit and reputable?

Yes, absolutely. We may new but icoss as a company makes sure that all its technicians are well trained and equipped to handle you problems with care and understanding. With thousands of success stories behind us icoss takes care to give individualistic support to all its customers. Along with providing support to individuals we support various small businesses. We at icoss are proud that we help individuals and businesses improve their services to improve their customer satisfaction rates, reduce return rates, and to ensure the timely delivery of their end products to their customers, without any technical flaws or glitches.

At icoss we strive to provide the variety of service that all our users need, so with keeping this in mind we have designed a variety of technical assistance plans to ensure that we meet your comprehensive and ever-growing demands.

Having being registered with the Canadian government icoss is a completely legit and reputable company. Utilizing state of technology your technicians solve any problems that many plague you be it small or big. With stringent quality control icoss is completely dependent. We pride ourselves on solving any issue across any platform and various devices to give you complete and 100% satisfaction.

Why would I want to use you when I could go to a big brand high street store?

Offering a personal service is top of our list; you will speak directly to the person who is helping you over the phone/chat/email so you can explain the situation in detail. We turnaround problems quickly, we don’t send anything away to service centers and we don’t quote 5+ days for service. We don’t charge any upfront costs, you only pay for service once it’s completed and when you are happy with it.

Is iCOSS Safe?

We at icoss understand that the safety of your data and yourself is of the utmost importance, which is why we take care that we provide you support in the most safe and secure way possible. We make sure that we inculcate in you the trust so that you can make use of our reliable technical assistance. Our experts at icoss go through a strict process of selection and have an extensive knowledge of a wide range of computing devices and software’s. We work seamlessly to ensure that your PCs, connected devices, and peripherals are absolutely secure and protected from all kinds of latest security threats and bugs. We are proud to state that we strive to satisfy our customers always anywhere, anytime, 24/7, 365 days of the year.

Our technical assistance includes:
Diagnosis & repair of hardware related issues.
Troubleshooting software errors.
Updating drivers and security software to provide protection against online threats.
Resolving connectivity problems.
Optimizing the speed & performance of your PC.

How do I pay for a subscription?

We accept check, online transfer to our bank account and all popular credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express through PayPal.

Information Technology Questions

What support services does iCOSS Technology provide for my IT Product ?

We at iCOSS first understand the root cause of your problem, we then provide both a hardware and software fault diagnosis and go on to repair the same for the entire duration of the service period selected by you. We believe in providing individualistic support and understand that every user is different. We can be contacted through various mediums – telephone, email or via our online instant chat box, all you have to do is select the one that works best for you. This does not affect your statutory rights.

What does "Getting Started" mean and how does Support Team help me?

We put it simply the getting started assisted support means that we help you setup your computers and devices fresh out of the box. This help you customize them to you needs and liking with out the worry of any errors of malfunctions. iCOSS Technology provides telephonic technical support, installation and configuration advice on:
1. PC manufactured products.
2. PC supplied external peripherals.
3. Factory-installed operating systems and software.

How does getting support from iCOSS benefit me?

Getting support from iCOSS means simply means that you never have to worry about your PC problems again. You can fix all errors, problems and glitches with your computers and peripherals in the comfort of your own home.

The services offered at icoss help you with:
1. Installation and configuration of PC and peripheral products for your selected period for our support services.
2. Comprehensive online technical support via the telephone, email or our interactive instant chat box with an icoss certified technical technician.
3. Hardware and software problem diagnosis and resolution via your preferred method.
4. A repair and replacement parts service, if required after completion of icoss Technology’s problem diagnosis procedures.

What is the time period covered by the service provided by you ?

The time period of our support services is decided by you. For your convenience we have easy to understand plans which are listed below:
a) 6 Months basic cover
b) 1 Month standard cover
c) 2 Months standard cover
d) 3 Months standard cover

How do I contact icoss technology’s IT Support?

We at iCOSS can be contacted at anytime, through any medium of your preference, be it the telephone, an email or our instant chat box. We are available 24/7, 365 days of the year, just contact our technicians at 1-800-643-9773 toll free to get assistance.

How does IT Support Work ?

Simply put IT support means that we help you take charge and manage all your technological devices. To do so we can be contacted through various methods, some being:
1. Drop us an email and we will provide you with a support response within one working day.
2. Our online interactive chat box provides you with an instant method to get in touch with a certified icoss technician. (available in selected countries and products)
3. We are always available for support via telephone and are available 7 days a week, 24/7.

Upon contacting an iCOSS Technology technician what will happen?

Our support team helps you in troubleshooting the problem Over the phone/chat/email. This will also helps you to identify and pin point the hardware or software that has creating a problem, so that a solution can be provided if at all it is needed.
Below are some steps that you might need to undertake:
1. We will guide you to run a diagnostic tests on the hardware or software.
2. Installation and updating of service packs and other software to the latest versions.
Re-installation of default configurations of the device’s factory installed operating systems.

Our certified experts will guide you through each and every step.

What steps will I need to take to help an iCOSS Technology technician ?

For your convenience we have listed below some steps through which you can help our experts in understanding your problems:
1. You need to provide our technicians with the service tag and your product model. (In case you are not sure of what a service tag is, click on what is a service tag.)
2. You need to have assess to the product with the problem while talking with an icoss representatives.
3. As you are responsible for the security, backup and re installation of your device data at all times, it is advisable to keep full security copies of any software and data as in case of a hard drive failure the loss of data is possible on replacement of the hard drive.

What are the exclusions in the iCOSS Technology Inc. services?

Following are the exclusion in the iCOSS Technology Assistance Services.
1. Accidental damage including spills, drops, power surges (Complete Care Accident cover required)
2. Theft (Complete Care Theft cover required).
3. Intentional damage, normal wear and tear, unreasonable or excessive use, acts of God including fire and flood, environmental conditions, act of violence or similar occurrence.
4. Damage caused by relocation or transportation, usage not in accordance with product instructions, improper voltage selection on systems power supply.

Does iCOSS Technology have an international support service?

Our technical assistant’s will help you via Phone/Email/Online chat are provided for iCOSS Technology Inc. customers no matter where in the world they are.

What costs are associated with Technical Assistance?

We offer monthly subscriptions, 1 month, 2 months and 3 months premium plans. There is one-time $49.99 initial fee. The monthly plans cost $149.99 (1 month). $199.99 (2 months) and $249.99 (3 months). Learn More about Technical Assistance here. Hardware and additional services are not included.

Is there a limit on the number of times I can contact icoss with issues?

No, there is no limit on the times you can contact an iCOSS Technology technician during the entire length of your term. We are available to help you so just contact at any number of times through the telephone, email or instant chat box and we will be available to you.

On what devices can I receive support on from iCOSS Technology?

As a member of the iCOSS service plans, we provide support for upto 3 devices, Macs or tablets, GPS, Printers, etc. depending on the plan that you have opted for.

Which types of issues are covered under the iCOSS support plans?

Support from iCOSS Technology cover’s glitches with spyware and virus removal, software installation, and general computer troubleshooting as well as hardware issues depending on the plan selected by you.

Why do I need to pay an initial set-up fee to get monthly payment plan for technical assistance?

An initial set-up fee ensures that you’ll have instant coverage on all of your PCs, Macs and Tablets, Printers, GPS, Firewall and you will receive your Internet Security Software KEY CODE to stay virus-free (Terms & Conditions Apply).

What will be my billing cycle for automatic payments?

Your bill is generated on the same date of every month, i.e. the date that you first purchased your support plan from iCOSS Technology.
Example: If you purchased on January 2nd, you’re your billing will happen on the 2nd of every month.
But If you purchased one time service so there will be no bill. There will be no auto Renewal in any case. You have to call our support team for Renew your services.

What if I need to change or update my credit card or any other information relating to my address or automatic payments?

All you need to do in such case is call an iCOSS Technology Expert at 1-800-643-9773 toll free and let us know the information that you would like to update.

What is an Internet security software?

Internet security software is a power house of security, more than any anti-virus security. It also provides additional support for social networking, anti-spam protection, privacy protection and safe web surfing. An Internet security software ensure that all the devices you are using under same network are secured.

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