Printer And Scanner Support

We are the best in Printer and Scanner Support. An independent online consultant and service provider company for your printer software and drivers problems. iCOSS Technology Inc. has no connection with any of the other brands that have been utilized to relate the services for printers and scanners, under such relationship is explicitly determined. In the event that your printer or scanner is under warranty, the repair benefit possibly accessible from the seller or the manufacturer.


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First of all use our services and see the difference, because we believe in customer satisfaction. So come to us and give us an opportunity to serve you better.

Best Technology in the World of Printers
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Supports Multi Brand Printers

iCOSS Technology Inc. offers comprehensive support service recommended for your devices. It seems like personal advisor.

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Online and On-Site Support

First of all we assure to provides you the best service over the Phone/Chat/Email or On Sight Service.

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Installation Over (Wifi) Network

Technician Expertise in device and peripherals Configuration over the network (WIFI) because most of the users use wireless network on their devices.


Easly Customized Settings

Helps you manage print and scan device settings without moving an inch. Finally you have the personal assistant for take care of your device problems.

Why Do We Need Printer & Scanner Support !

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Timely Servicing of your device from our experts Strengthen the durability and quality of prints, in addition we provide you best customer experience as much as we can. Because while using machine these problems occurred (errors fix, device detection & configuration problems, incident response). First of all we believe in customer satisfaction.


Print Device Connectivity

We will help you in connecting the device on wifi router or modem and with USB wire. We will provide you as much as information for the setup and configuration.


Print From Any Device

Provides premium support for connecting any device printing features so your kids can print from any device. Because our goal is to built as much as satisfied customers.


Printer Support

Therefore, we provides complete support, servicing, device firmware update, all includes in one single subscription and the direct support number 1-866-222-1622


Uninterupted Support

Finally we starts the 24/7 service for our customers to solve their problems on the same time they contacted. With a hotline toll free number 1866-222-1622 for their convenience.


Pocket Friendly

Also we Includes our 100% 5 day money back guarantee: We’ll help keep your devices connected or give you a refund without asking any reason for the refund.


Advance Help

Will provide services and a regular monitoring follow up with the customer to check that device performance status and our customers loves that.


Printers & Scanners Problems

1. Printer and Scanner Setup   2.  Install Printer and Scanner   3.  Troubleshooting   4.  Connect A Printer  5.  Printer problems   6.  Printer Error   7.  Install Drivers   8. Print Spooler Problem   9.  Printer Not Working   10.  Wireless Printer Setup   11.  Scanner Not Detected   12.  Add Wireless Printer

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Printer and Scanner Problems
Ink and Toner Cartridges For Printer


Changing / Replacing Printer Ink

1.  Poor Print Quality   2. Replace Ink Error   3.  Cartridge Replacing Process   4.  Lines on Printing Area   5.  Increase Print Quality   6. Fonts Recognition Failed   7.  Slot For Black & Color Ink   8.  Print Settings

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Compatibility Issues

1.   Printer Not Found   2.  Drives Not Installed   3.  Drivers Compatibility Issues   4.  Software Not Installed   5.  Printer Configuration   6.  Software Conflicts

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Printer Errors & Compatibility Issues