why my printer goes offline on Windows® 10

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why my printer goes offline on Windows® 10

What causes Windows 10 printer to go disconnected? Here are the solutions……

Windows 10 based computers is an item from Microsoft. There are many versions of the Microsoft OS as comparatively to other operating system:
1. Windows 10 Home Edition
2. Windows 10 Professional Edition
3. Windows 10 Ultimate Edition
4. Windows 10 Enterprises.

All these versions of the windows are used by any user whether they are home user and business users. Windows 10 is very secure and user friendly operating system ever made. It also having the capability to make a restore point for securing our computer data. Windows 10 comes with some basic software which are necessary to use the system without installing any new software. Windows 10 is compatible with the plug and play devices without installing and new drivers.

Printer with Windows 10 can work in exceedingly productive way which offers incredible yield. Here and there Windows 10 can’t work with printer and brings about demonstrating the printer as disconnected. There might be a few purposes behind this. On the off chance that the printer goes disconnected, it will pause future printing command. In any chance the printer with windows 10 goes disconnected. You can resume the printing from the printer setting option. After clicking on resume printing if printer is still not working. At that particular time the problem is with the drivers.

Here are some reasons because of which printer goes offline on Windows 10 and a few tips to resolve the issue are given underneath:

  1. Breakage in the connectivity
  2. Software failures
  3. Solutions

Breakage in the connectivity
Sometimes in between printer goes offline and stops the printing. The most common reason is connectivity between printer and OS is not going through. Control Panel + View Printer and Faxes is the other option to check connected printer status.

Software Failure
Another issue is due to software failures. If the printer driver is not working properly. The printer goes offline and stops printing. Still you are not able to to print then check the software compatibility. If any hardware crashes then windows 10 prompt a message about the printer offline message.

In any case you are not able to print. Check wifi connection and any cable which is connected between printer and computer. After checking the connection check the printer status from the view printer and faxes features. If the problem still persists re-installation of the software can fix the issue.

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