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How can i increase the speed of my HP® Printer? My HP® Printer is running very slow? There are so many reasons why your printer is running slow. Saving ink process running in the background. You can increase the printer speed by reducing printer print quality for the print output. Printer settings according to the model of HP® Printers, You can switch to printing mode in most Windows applications and settings by Selecting Print Properties, printer setting that reduces print quality. With the printer settings change the default value for printer print quality setting from Normal to Fast Print. Before doing anything please check the drivers setting of your printer.

Check the paper selection or printing settings in Best quality may be the reason of slow print speed. Always print select plain paper in Normal or Draft quality mode for smooth and quick print speed. Uninstall any installed corrupted/damaged driver and software using the control panel + Add and Remove option. After Uninstalling the print driver restart your computer and install the latest driver version. After removing the print driver, install the new drivers for your HP® Printer and then follow the on-screen instructions for the installation process. Try to print the increase the printer performance.

If the issue persists (printer is running slow), contact our experts for printer support team for the best solution. Our 24/7 Toll free 1-866-222-1622. And tell them how would you like to install the printer. If you are using your printer on the wired connection or wifi, there are some more reasons which conflicts with the settings of the printer.

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