My MFC-J2320 Brother Printer is Offline

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My MFC-J2320 Brother Printer is Offline

How to connect my MFC-J2320 Brother Printer if its offline.

Why my brother printer is offline? Some times while printing the printer status goes offline and paused. Make sure the MFC-J2320 Brother Printer is powered on, with no error on the screen. Then check the default printer selection is your brother printer. Remove any pending job in the queue. If the problem still there? Sometimes the screen is blank. There are two reasons 1) Powered Off, 2) In Sleep Mode. Check the power cable is connected properly and power switch is on. Check the printer screen for errors. Ink Error, Paper Jam Error, these errors are on the screen then you have to clear them first.

If the default printer is not setup. You need to select manually every time when you choose to print. So always select the printer you want to use for your regular printer weather it is brother or any other brand. Check the status of the brother printer in the control panel + devices and printers. All the setting are depending on the version of the windows installed on you computer. Like in windows XP the option is Printers and Faxes. In windows vista it is Printers and in Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 it is Devices and Printers. If the default is not selected. Right click on the printer and make it as default. Remove all the pending jobs from the queue by clicking on Cancel All Documents. Try to remove the previous installed version of the brother printer and reinstall.

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