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Get help from icoss to scan your computer with an antivirus or update the security software to rid your computer of any and online security threats. With our expert support installing an antivirus, getting rid of malware and maintaining the health of your PC is as easy as picking up the phone, just call, chat or email us to get your peace of mind.

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Thousands of viruses and new online security threats popping up every day, maintaining the health of your computer is of utmost importance. With these viruses your private information and software’s on your computer are at constant threat of being accessed and being corrupted. icoss’s security experts can minimize these threats installing an antivirus on your PC or server and by performing a comprehensive scan regularly so that any threats or malicious programs can be detected easily.

Computer security services from icoss:
1. Compatibility checks of your computer before the installation of a new antivirus.
2. Installation and configuration as per your requirements.
3. Setting up automated scans.
4. Performing manual full system scan.
5. Detection and removal of viruses, spyware, Trojans, etc.

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Get instant support from icoss and scan your system with an anti-spyware to detect and remove malware. Let our expert professionals rid your computers of spyware by helping you install an anti-spyware. We can also help you uninstall any software or malicious programs.

  1. Best Online Security
  2. Remove Viruses
  3. Security Experts

A malicious software, spyware installs itself on your computer and monitors his/her computing activities undetected leaving your PC unprotected and free ground for stealing confidential information such as bank details, credit card numbers, usernames, passwords, etc., and transmits the data online. In order to keep your PC safe, allow icoss technology technical assistant can help’s you in installing and configuring an anti-spyware and perform regular scans to remove spyware and other malicious software.

Support from icoss to fix spyware issues:
1. Pre installation compatibility check for anti-spyware.
2. Setup and configuration of the security software as per your requirements.
3. Setting up automated scans.Updating your anti spyware to the latest versions for maximum security.
4. Detection and removal of spyware.

Call us now at 1-844-211-5714 toll free to get instant support for anti spyware programs.


The first step to your computers security, a firewall can block unauthorized access to your PCs, servers, and end computing devices. Our technicians help you install a firewall and configure it so that your computer is equipped to give you protection from unauthorized access, which can steal your personalized information and share it on the open server.

  1. Best Online Security
  2. Remove Viruses
  3. Security Experts

From installing a firewall, updating it, or setting rules to allow/block websites, icoss technology technicians are available 24/7 to help you through the process. By optimizing the settings of your firewall our technicians guard your PC from hackers and security threats.

Support from icoss to fix spyware issues:
1. Installation of firewall and peripheral security software.
2. Configuration of firewall settings as per your requirements.
3. Setting rules and regulations to block/allow access for specific websites.
4. Guarding your computer from infections and other security threats.
5. Instant access anytime to expert technicians via phone/email/chat, 24/7, 365 days a year.

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Parental Control

Don’t want your children to have free reign with the computer. With technical assistance from icoss you can configure parental control settings to monitor and control your children’s Internet usage and keep them safe from the problems of the modern world like cyber bulling.

  1. Keep Kids Safe Online
  2. Set Up Parental Control
  3. Security Experts

Monitoring your children’s online activity is a necessity in today’s time, let icoss’s technical assistant’s setup security software’s with advanced parental control features to monitor and limit your children’s online presence, set appropriate age limits, and protect them against cyber bullying as well as online predators. Our technicians configure real-time monitoring filters that give you complete control over your child’s entire web browsing sessions enabling you to block access to adult websites, chat rooms, games, etc.

Support from icoss to set up parental controls:
1. Installation of security software with parental control features.
2. Configuration of settings to filter online content as per your preferences.
3. Block access to dangerous websites, chat rooms, games, etc. for enhance protection.
4. Help to track your children’s online activities.

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