HP® Printer Paper Jam

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HP® Printer Paper Jam

HP® Printer Paper Jam Issue and How To Fix It

This details having information for clearing a paper jam problem. Any Paper size and material like Regular size paper, envelopes paper may get stuck or jammed in the printer. Follow the information provided below to remove jammed paper from the printer. HP® Printer Paper Jam is a very common problem. This problem occurs when ever any paper is stuck. Some time it is there because of any error stuck in the command.


Do not try to lift any cover and pull jammed paper out from Hp® printer. Always pull it from the back side of the printer from the paper tray. Pulling paper out from the front side can cause problems or it damage the printer.

Check All Possible Ways To Remove The Paper Jam Error

1. Make sure that there is no paper in the paper tray.
2. Press and hold the resume button on the printer.
3. Make Sure the cartridges are can move lift and right.
4. Some times there are possibility that more than one paper is stuck in the printer.
5. try to open the rear door of the printer.
6. Remove the door from the printer
7. Pull out the jammed paper.

If the HP® Printer Paper Jam error still on the Screen Follow these Instructions:

1. Unplug the printer power cord from both sides.
2. Remove the printer cartridge from the printer one by one.
3. Make sure that cartridges are in good condition
4. Take all the papers out from the paper tray.
5. Now remove the 2 sided printer access door.
6. Now rotate the rollers of the printer.

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