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Printer Head Problem

Why My HP® Printer showing an error Printer Head Missing? Print Head Not Working? Clean you Print Head? After turning on my printer. When i tried to turn on my printer. A message is popping up on my screen print head missing. An unlatched or improperly seated printhead or cartridge can cause this error. Some times there is a chance that ink cartridges are installed in your printer. That are not compatible with you printer refilled or damaged. It may bring about an error message. To get the quality print, always utilize original and compatible HP® cartridges. iCOSS always recommends that you utilize genuine HP® ink or toner supplies. HP® can’t ensure the quality or dependability of non-HP® or refilled cartridges. If in any case you are not using the genuine cartridge that means you are responsible for any damage or warranty cancellation. Or give us a call on toll free number 1866-222-1622 for instant help. You can likewise buy genuine HP® cartridges and supplies from different retailers.


Slip your fingers into the space on the left half of the printer, and afterward pull forward to open the cartridge get to entryway. The carriage moves to one side of the printer. Hold up until the carriage is sit out of gear and quiet before continuing.

Unplug the power string from the back of the printer. Unplugging the printer keeps the carriage from moving.

Reinstall the print head into the carriage to reset it. As you guide the printer head into the carriage, it sinks into the carriage as it seats.

Now and again error messages hold on in the screen which says the printer head not working. To clear any blunder messages, reset the printer head by rehashing all means in this arrangement up to three times.

Expelling the ink cartridges and checking for a error message can help analyze the printer issue. Expel the ink cartridges, and after that check for the mistake message.

Cleaning the ink cartridge contacts, and supplanting them each one in turn can help decide whether a particular ink cartridge is bringing about the error message.

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