Connect Printer with Windows® 10 Computer

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Connect Printer with Windows® 10 Computer

What are the different types to resolve the problem which helps to connect printer with Windows 10 computer?

The easiest way to install a printer is to connect with an USB cable. The name appears as local printer. If you are using a USB cable your windows will detect the printer automatically. Windows start the installation once you connect the USB cord in the computer. In case you are using the second option (WIRELESS OR WIFI) to connect the printer. Try to configure the printer on the wireless network. Once your printer is configured on the network (WIFI). Now use the ‘add a device’ option / wizard to configure the printer. In case the printer is older model connects using ports. After installing the printer if the printer does not work. Make sure that you have your printer installation disk with you. In any case you are using wifi printer, check the printer is connected or not.

Tips helps in resolving issue of printer connectivity with windows 10.

  1. Problems
  2. Local Printer Connection
  3. WIFI and Network Connection


Various number of reasons for the problem to not Connect Printer with Windows® 10 Computer.

Printer drivers compatibility is the main reason. If the Setup DISC is not available and windows also not able to update the drivers.

Check the manufacturer’s website to download the correct drivers.

1. The bad connection between printer and the PC.
2. If printer is connected with USB make sure the wire is in good condition.
3. Most of the printers are wireless. Make sure your internet firewall is not blocking. If yes, then configure firewall setting accordingly.


If Windows 10 is not able to find the printer. Try the below mentioned solutions to connect printer with windows® 10 computer.

  1. Press ‘Start Button’ + ‘Control Pannel’ + select ‘Devices and Printers’.
  2. Now press ‘Add a Printer’ key found at the left top of the new window.
  3. Then Click on ‘Add the local Printer or Wireless Printer’ would start.
  4. Make sure that you select the correct model number of the printer.
  5. If you are not able to find the printer that means your windows is out dated. Update your windows with latest updates.

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