About Us

About Us

A steadfast IT and related support brand, iCOSS Technology was incorporated in late 2014. Presided by Mr. Dheer Chaudhary, he envisioned to provide the friendliest support, for IT products and services both to individuals, businesses and enterprises. We plan to deliver IT/computer consulting  services/assistance globally on a 24/7 basis. Our technology expert consultants provide quick diagnosis and assistance accordingly via online chats and/or telephonic support.


Then a gradual shift was incorporated and so were the services like branding,
web-Design/Development and Digital/Online Marketing to help set up businesses in IT and BPO sector. Our intent is to re build a digital world around you by easing off the access and knowledge base that is coming soon as a feature of iCOSS and at our website.

Key Incentives

Facing issues with the computer/software’s or the IT and internet challenges, Connect with iCOSS technology expert consultants who provide both quick diagnosis and assistance to the customers via online chats and/or telephonic support, at the toll free 1800-643-9773, plus instant answers to your general, related queries.


As mentioned earlier, iCOSS was envisioned and incorporated to provide the friendliest support and knowledge base in the domain of IT & Computers. So we still believe in running a business far richer & smoother by creating a knowledge base and training customers in process of providing support and required assistance in troubleshooting the technical issues. Working with you allows us to take you through the process allowing you fix yourself the basic small issues at least. We believe in not taking over your technology completely but in sharing and learning with you.


iCOSS promise a five day satisfaction guarantee else a complete refund, given the condition that no one abuses this promise, so if an already worked upon issue crops up again within five days of your service call, we provide the fix for nothing, and the wonderful part is that this is a rolling guarantee, meaning it will reset automatically each time you return to get the same issue fixed. For instance- Our expert technical consultant(s) resolves an issue, however four days later, you see the same again, then call us in for a re-evaluation of the problem(s), get it fixed, and your five day satisfaction guarantee resets again.