We, at iCOSS Technology Inc. provides a range of tailored consulting services to fit the needs of the customers and computing device(s) users.

UI/UX Design & Development

Stand above the industry competition with an offering from iCOSS for the high quality professional user interface design and development services using the latest technology.

IT & Software Consulting

Old computer system troubling you making it hard to browse the internet or finish your business presentations etc then get in touch with our expert IT consultants to make it running as smooth as new.

iCOSS Technology Inc was envisioned to bridge the existing gap(s) in the digital world for a comprehensive consulting & support. So the mission is to be available to support the users anytime, anywhere.

About Us

About Us

A steadfast IT and related support brand, iCOSS Technology was incorporated in early 2014. Presided by Mr. Dheer Chaudhary, he envisioned to provide the friendliest support, for IT products and services both to individuals, businesses and enterprises. We plan to deliver IT/computer consulting services and assistance globally on a 24/7 basis.

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  • SEO
  • Technical Consulting
Website Branding

Creative Design(s) certainly play a pivotal role in branding but includes a lot of research/planning of the market/target audience and/or the company profile as well. Once researched well it delivers the goals like a logo, website, social network pages, advertising and various different building blocks in developing a full branding campaign. Whether the revamping an existing or manifesting the raw ideas into something concrete, iCOSS design/development process, ensure you of ample time to provide us the feedback all through the development in order to achieve a product gradually that lives up to your needs and the satisfaction.

web dsign skill

A website although is a virtual office however no less important than a real brick
and mortar one. iCOSS plays an important role here, helping you stand high and above the competition with an offering of high-quality, planned web design /development services. Bringing life to your concept(s) and strategies along with a full range of web applications/tools to the website, like an online store, social network optimization, custom extension(s) and/or a content management system etc. All we need from you are your ideas and outlined goals, in order to create a blue print/plan and implementing the same into developing the website.

seo skill

A website although is a virtual office however no less important than a real brick and mortar one. Also a website is good one only when the visibility it gets makes it generate further and relevant traffic, which is why website(s) we design are planned with a blue-print in order to optimize it for the relevant traffic from all search engines. So we, at iCOSS provide you with the integrated analytics in order to track the growth suiting your specific requirements.

technicial assistance

Contact iCOSS to make your computing/mobile devices/OS/related software(s) error free for technical consulting/support. Expert consultants/technicians guide you through the whole diagnosis process and and then assign an engineer accordingly to repair the errors, configure the settings back to default, ensuring you the optimum use of the devices/softwares a call away at 1844 211 5714